• About Us

  • We take pride in how we run as a garage. We have highly trained staff who can explain any problems on your car and the likely causes. If you want to see the problem on your car, then that’s no problem either. One of our staff will show you the problem, whether it’s under the bonnet or underneath the car.

    We offer a full range of servicing on all types of cars - oil changes, safety inspections, variable longlife servicing etc. All servicing comes with a full report of any problems that need attention along with quotes to repair. We have an excellent relationship with our suppliers and can get most parts the same day, so most of the time even if your car does present an unexpected problem it can still be repaired on the same day. Once the service or MOT is completed we will always phone for authorisation to carry out any additional work required. 
    We can MOT any class 4 vehicle, that covers all cars and small vans up to the size of a Transit van (without a high roof or roofrack) We can also regas and repair your air conditioning system. It is a basic safety system of your car - not only does the dry, cool air keep you more awake and alert on a long journey but in bad weather it can be used along with the heating to stop your windscreen from misting up. 

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